No matter what your stage in life, Albert, Delany & Elliott is here to help you make your financial journey a smooth one.

We believe that although there are five main stages to your financial journey, from your first career (Setting Sail) to moving into Assisted Living (Safe Harbour), everyone's personal needs are unique and we strive to assist our clients in a personalised manner.

We help our clients through all the stages of their journey while keeping their Values and Goals at the forefront. Whether that is helping to optimise your Superannuation or dealing with Centrelink.

Setting Sail

As you enter the workforce and start to build your financial foundation. During this stage of your journey, you may start looking into paying off loans, building an emergency fund, learning how to budget, and finding the best superannuation set-up for your needs.

Setting sail
Making headway
Making Headway

Once you have built a stable foundation, you will be focused on building your wealth and preparing for future financial goals. You may be saving for a down payment on a house, looking to set up new investments, and possibly starting a family.

Riding the Waves

When you are starting to see the benefits of your years of hard work and saving, you may want to start looking at how to maintain your lifestyle going into retirement. This might include looking at how and when to change from superannuation to pension accounts, paying down any lingering loans, and making sure your insurance is right for you.5

Riding the waves
Sailing Calm seas
Sailing Calm Seas

As you are retiring and are living off your savings and investments. You may be focused on budgeting your money to last for the rest of your life, managing your investments, setting up your estate, and starting to deal with Centrelink.

Safe Harbour

For moving into assisted living, you may need help with, assessing costs, funding sources, managing expenses, and navigating legal issues related to estate planning and asset transfer.

Safe Harbour

At Albert, Delany & Elliott, we partner with our clients to get their financial house in order and live their best life, with confidence. To help realise and achieve them, we use the Lumiant digital platform. This process helps both you and our Advisers to discuss what is most important to you, in a clear and interactive manner.